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Responsible Jewelry Transformative Events

MWA Clean Up Event

You can make a difference in the lives of the Marange Community. Donate to the Launch Event of the Marange Women's Alliance (MWA). The Responsible Jewelry Transformative (a non profit) is working with the MWA to create positive change now. Women living in the Marange diamond community are stepping out into the open for a Market Clean up Event.

They are bringing brooms and compassion to the most marginalized community members. Many Human Rights abuses are happening daily at this market, often at the hands of those associated with diamond mining. The MWA will engage victims of human trafficking who frequent the market offering them snacks, beverages and the opportunity to document their stories. Flyers with the Zimbabwe constitutional rights will be handed out in English and Shona for all to keep. The women will sweep and pick up trash, community clean up is an initiative that gathers people together improving conditions, giving pride in community and hope for the future.

Please take a minute to sign the petition below to the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company calling for a stop to alleged abuse against women in the Marange Community.

The Marange Women's Alliance has acquired a permit to carry out this event from the local police, Saturday September 11th.

Here Is What Your Money Will Buy

  • T-shirts 32×$8 =$256 There is power in visibility and numbers the women will wear their t-shirts with MWA logo

  • Transport to and from the venue for all the members 32×$10 =$320 (There are no cars or public transportation)

  • Masks 2 boxes $5 - Keeping volunteers and community members safe during Covid

  • Refreshments and snacks $35 - Fosters trust good will and engagement

  • Registration forms printing $5- Attendance creates data of impact and build membership

  • Stand up Banner $150 - A visual statement of awareness for the Marange Women's Alliance

  • A photographer $400 - To document the event and continue outreach internationally through photo narrative

  • Iphone 7 used $250 -To take video testimonial and communicate on social media.

  • Gloves $5

  • Brooms $12

  • Dust Bins $5

The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

Committed to Creating Transparency and Responsibility in Jewelry Supply Chains

In November 2022, we will assemble the world community concerned with responsible jewelry supply chains for our 6th annual conference.

Through teaching and learning, creating relationships throughout the supply chain, launching initiatives, and providing the space and context for attendees to become active participants in change, we intend to make jewelry industry beautiful from beginning to end.